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Eco-Friendly Cateringm, Our Bees, Garden & Green Initiatives 

Made From Scratch has a strong passion for organic, locally grown goods, and our 7 hives, grape vines, and full garden reflect that. For 30 years, we've lead the movement on promoting sustainability & sourcing local, ordering from farms in Canton, Medina, Wooster & Ashtabula, to name a few. We divert our food scraps from the landfills by Composting with Eartha Limited.

We offer our green services to you with zero-waste events, earth-friendly products & food items made or garnished with our own honey, shagbark hickory syrup or herbs from our garden.

When you choose Made From Scratch as your caterer, you are also choosing organic, local, genuine made-from-scratch catering. Many ingredients even come from our own back yard!

Take a look behind the scenes at Made From Scratch-- we're busy little bees.




*October 3, 2014: Our Eco-Burners have arrived!

chafo eco-burner boxes

We've received our shipment of MFS' most recent green-initiative.... Chafo Ec0-Burners! Used in place of Sterno, these are refillable, uber efficient, and one of the cleanest fuels available. 

Just another one of the ways we're going green & practicing sustainability, using clean energy and, while we're at it, bringing energy efficiency to all of our events!

chafo in action


*April 22, 2014: Happy Earth Day! Here's the Made From Scratch Composting Cycle!

MFS Composting Cycle copy


*May 29, 2013: Extracting honey from one of our dormant hives. DELICIOUS! 

*March 7, 2013: We've had a busy day preparing for the rest of our events this week. The food waste and compost is so colorful and beautiful! It's pretty cool how much our team loves working together to create a zero-waste operation. 


Here's one of the coolest parts--our food waste goes to compost and comes back to us as Green Envy, Enriched Garden Compost. We use this Garden Envy to fertilize our garden on Made From Scratch's campus, and of course use the vegetables and herbs from our garden in our dishes. The food waste from our dishes goes back to Compost, gets turned into Green get the point. How cool is that?! Someone once told us that when you look up "Sustainability" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Made From Scratch's logo. We've never actually seen it ourselves, but we're pretty sure it's true. 


eartha compost mulch

*February 2013: Thanks for the shout-out, Eartha Limited! It's always great to be reminded of the good we're doing for our Earth. 30 years strong --leading the movement!


*December, 2012: We have moved the bee hives to a dry, safe location for the winter. We were able to check in on them, and they all seemed pretty happy. One of the hives was inactive, so we were able to take a slab of honey. Keep on keeping on, bees! Check out the video footage here:


 *November, 2012: We are "wintering" our bee hives! We insulate the hives, keeping drafts from entering & also keeping them dry. Stay safe, little bees!

*July, 2012: See how we go "from hives to honey" in this neat video. 


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